How Ridix simplified a complex process with the help of RFID…

RIDIX kicked off 2019 with a successful Industry 4.0 solution. We started the year with an RFID implementation at 3B Binani, a glass fiber manufacturer in Norway.

Glass fiber is made by heating and drawing glass into fine fibers. These materials are then gathered and wound into a package. These packages with different types of fibers are placed on trolleys. An AGV places several trolleys into an oven. However, when the trolleys leave the oven after 24 hours, it’s very difficult to identify the different materials on each trolley.

To tackle this problem, RIDIX designed a solution to tag the trolleys with RFID chips. The chips used in this case are especially designed to withstand the heath of the oven. Antennas are installed at the entrance and exit of each oven. These antennas send radio waves to activate the chips on the trolleys. The information is registered on the computer with the correct label.

This way, you can easily trace all the trolleys. Thereby 3B Binani is able to identify the different types of fiber cables on each trolley.

Ridix focuses on developing complete solutions, tailored to 3B Binani’s business, wishes and needs.

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