RFID technology as a race timing method

In less than one month, Antwerp welcomes over 40.000 participants for another edition of the Antwerp Ten Miles. This famous event is one of the largest running races in Belgium. Curious about how they make sure you end up with the correct timing? The Antwerp Ten Miles organizers use RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) as a race timing method.

Your time is calculated via RFID tags and readers. In case of the Antwerp ten Miles, the reader infrastructure requires a mat with receiver antennas underneath. Race participants are wearing the tags.

When a participant crosses timing locations (at the start and finish line), the RFID tag is activated and read by an RFID reader. This reader transmits the tag’s ID to the timing software. The software identifies what race number the ID corresponds to and adds a timestamp for that race number.

RFID technology thus allows full real-time position monitoring of the runners. Therefore, it’s a simple-to-use solution to track highly accurate results.

Although RIDIX didn’t provide the RFID technology for the Antwerp Ten Miles, we have many other interesting cases. Want to know more? Let’s talk!


Antwerp 10Miles RFID tracking race timing method

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