Save lives with RFID Technology in hospitals

Healthcare is becoming more and more invested in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, since it reduces human errors during interactions between patients and healthcare personnel. We listed some key areas where RFID technology plays a critical role in hospitals:

  1. Smart rooms

With medical supplies accounting for 30 to 40% of hospitals’ costs, automating the supply chain is a must. However, almost 80% of all hospitals still manage their inventory with barcodes and manual processes. This “waiting to automate”-mentality is costing them a lot: Up to 10% of clinical supplies expire on the shelves. Furthermore medics are spending 20% of their time on inventory management rather than patients. And above all: expired items are often still being used.

Next to that medical devices enables hospitals to track all important devices used during surgical procedures. Medical inventory management using RFID technology is therefore crucial when building smarter, digitalized and safer hospitals.

  1. Patient tracking, monitoring and identification using RFID technology

Patient tracking, monitoring and identification using RFID technology can improve patient safety in many instances:

  • Locating wandering patients, particularly patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia;
  • Matching newborns to their mothers to avoid baby snatching;
  • Identifying patients in the emergency room to quickly start providing proper medical assistance;
  • Recognizing patients that are ready to leave the hospital and reducing unnecessary prolonged stays;
  • Identifying patients (and visitors, personnel) that have been in contact with people carrying infectious diseases;
  1. Access management

RFID readers are also implemented as user authentication. In this way only authorized personnel can access patient health records, medical devices, restricted medications or supplies. RFID readers are more secure and easier to manage than passwords. Most noteworthy they (also) allow medical personnel to quickly access patients and patient information. Minimizing time saves lives in case of an emergency.

Lookint at these 3 key areas, it seems that there is a need for digitalization in hospitals. RIDIX RFID technology is the most advanced, versatile, cost effective and easy to use automated medical inventory tracking system available. We fully customize the technology to provide a complete solution, tailored to your hospital’s specific needs.

Feeling lost in your medical supplykit? Let’s discuss all the possibilities together!


RIDIX RFID technology in healthcare

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