RFID vs Barcode – more automation & more efficiency

RIDIX News   •   February 13, 2018

Applications based on RFID technology are very much distinguishable of those of analog barcodes. With RFID it is possible to to carry out many lectures at the same time. ‘Bulkreading’ is a huge time savings when you for example make an inventory of your assets. The short video below shows the efficiency gain of RFID vs barcode.

RFID is so easy a baby can do it!

In addition to bulkreading, a clear ‘line of sight’ isn’t necessary to be able to read all objects. This way you can perform readings without direct eye contact making tags in less accessible places perfectly readable. In contrast to regular barcodes, RFID tags can also feature a recordable memory where all relevant information can be stored upon. Some tags even have the possibility to be rewritten several times.

As you can see, the advantages of RFID, compared to barcode technology, are clearly visible. Extreme time savings are possible when f.e. inventory scanning is automated with an RFID solution.

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