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Cost of Waiting

With medical supplies accounting for 30 to 40% of hospitals’ costs, automating the supply chain is nearly a must. But almost 80% of all hospitals still manage their inventory with barcode and manual processes, and most have no idea how much “waiting to automate” is costing

• Statistics have shown that 7 to 10% of clinical supplies expire on the shelves
• Clinicians spend 20% of their time on inventory management rather than with their patients.
• Expired/recalled items are often still being used, affecting patient safety.
• US hospitals lose $5 billion annually due to supply chain shortcomings.

Simplified & Customized

Inventory Management with RIDIX has eliminated any reason for “waiting to automate”. It’s the most advanced, versatile, cost effective, and easy to use automated medical inventory tracking system available. We fully customize it to provide a complete solution tailored to your hospital’s specific needs, so that it:

• Tracks any or all of your supplies and assets

• Works with any type of storage

• Fits into any workflow

• Integrates seamlessly with your EHR and ERP

Automate your Critical Inventory Management

We use a hybrid system that uses multiple tracking technologies, including RAIN RFID, Machine Vision, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), and active RFID. This versatility enables it to track anything and ensures that only the most cost-effective and accurate tracking technology for the task is used.

As items are added, removed, or returned, item data is pushed to your ERP and items are automatically incremented to and decremented from your system. The system operates in real-time to push and pull data to and from your EHR, assigning consumption of items to patients and automatically capturing the charges.

Smart Cabinets, Smart Rooms, Smart Hospital

Your storage options are not limited to one type of storage or even to out own manufactured cabinets. We can often retrofit your existing cabinets and, if you prefer open shelf storage, can turn ordinary storage rooms into smart rooms.


Tracks all of your supplies and assets

• Low-cost and mid-cost supplies
• Implantables
• Devices
• Pharmaceuticals
• Mobile Assets
• People


Works with any type of storage

• Cabinets
• Open shelf
• Refrigerators/Freezers
• Turn entire storage rooms into secure smart rooms

Medical Tracking

Provides the data you need to truly optimize PAR levels
Maintains PAR levels
Automates ordering
Prevents items from expiring hidden on the wrong shelf
Increases billing accuracy
Sends alerts when items are expiring soon
Uncovers misuse and waste where training can save time and money
Finds missing inventory

Workflow & Integration

Standalone or integrated with your ERP and EHR

Integration with your EHR and ERP is performed by us – no increase in your IT department’s workload
Upon integration, re-ordering becomes automated and items are automatically assigned to patients
Minimal (or even zero) manual input is required from clinicians
Clinicians log in with their near-field badge and select the patient or case on the system touchscreen, thus no further interaction is necessary

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